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Behind the Scenes (9.20.12)

Slavery is still alive and well in America

by Tim Burgan

Jesus came as the “Son of Man” to show us how much God loves us and how valuable we are in His eyes. Every day there are men out there looking to find young girls who do not know how valuable, how wonderful, or how important they are. They attract these young girls telling them they are beautiful and that they will take care of them. After a short time, they are told they must start paying their way. They are forced to surrender their sexuality to “Johns”. The men, who originally said they would care for these young girls, prove to be the predators they are by reminding these girls that they are trash, they are worthless whores that no one would ever want or love. The girls are in bondage, nowhere to go, no one will help, and the predators and the “Johns” keep them enslaved.

Nearly 300,000 young girls are at risk in America. Brian Shivler and Resolution Hope are working to make sure that no child remains a slave. All children have the right, by God, to know how valuable, important, and lovely they are. You can help Resolution Hope bring freedom to the children in America. Check out Once everyone is aware the slavery will end.

His Place — Episode 128