Behind the Theme

Carolyn Arends

Carolyn Arends hard at work in the studio on the His Place open and end themes and bumpers. Click photo to enlarge.

When it came time to revamp His Place, the Creative Team took a hard look at all aspects of the show, including the theme. The familiar tune and lyrics served the program well for 15 years, but it was time to update.  Many thoughts were discussed, including style, updating of lyrics, and, obviously, who would do it.

The Team brainstormed: What if we could have cafe sounds incorporated into the theme, such as coffee stirring, a spoon tapping on the mug, coffee grinding, etc.? A Team member recalled that Carolyn Arends, who had guested on the show, had used unusual rhythmic devices for a song on one of her albums. She was contacted, and got to work on our wonderful new theme music.

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His Place Creative Team member Rose Capanna interviewed Carolyn about the theme!

His Place Theme  Credits

  • Produced by Carolyn Arends and Roy Salmond at Whitewater Productions, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • Engineered by Roy Salmond and Carolyn Arends
  • Music and additional lyrics by Carolyn Arends
  • Instrument Credits: Carolyn Arends – vocals, acoustic guitar, spoon loop, pour, grinder. Roy Salmond – drums, bass, Wurlitzer piano, farfisa, organ electric guitar, tambourine, espresso steam, slurpahhs.

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