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First Rehearsal!

The first rehearsal for the revamped His Place occurred tonight. In these photos: Corey Lankford, Douglas Webster, Scott Kerschbaumer, Suzy McFadden, Todd Olson, Larry James, Tim Burgan, Doug Sellers, Robin Heiple, and Rose Capanna.

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2 comments to First Rehearsal!

  • kim vagni

    this was a great first show, love how easy it flows like the old show. I tried to see some of the old shows and there were errors on the site. Sharing the new and old shows (if the site gets fixed) would be a wonderful tool for sharing the best news of Jesus Christ. I came out with friends a long time ago and was on the show (His Place) the one friend says she still has the tape of her and her granddaughter when they came out to the show. We would love the orgin. song back it was so great and really said it all before the show began every time. God Bless to all of you and prayers that it will be a very successful run for the good news of Jesus Christ. We would love to come out after you all get started and be cafe customers. My daughter when she was a preteen came out with a friend and her parents too. God Bless kim vagn

  • kim vagni

    also i want to say you and phil are really great just like old times. Love the site also. My daughter is not a Christian yet or her husband and they love starbuckes and this will appeal to the the 20 and 30 groups. Our any of the org. cast coming back even for quest apperances. The group is great but, that would be wonderful to see the org. group too. God Bless, kim vagni (loved to see some of the old shows of his place if the site gets fixed. my husbands a programmer and he tried to get the old shows but, there were errors. I love to show those shows and the new ones to my family. thanks again

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