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Mug giveaway — Week 2!

We are entering the second week of our weekly mug giveaway for November! The first week’s winner, selected by, is Jean. Thanks, Jean! We’ll be in touch with you for your contact info so that we can send you your mug.

Now, onto week 2! If you responded the first week, please respond again if you’d like another chance at a mug. We don’t mind! 🙂

We think the new His Place mugs are pretty sweet! They’re double-insulated ceramic with silicon lids — so they keep beverages piping hot or icy cold and are comfortable to hold.

We are going to give away one mug each week of November, no strings attached! Simply comment on this post and we’ll have select a winner. Tell us your favorite form of social media: twitter, Facebook, YouTube, our website. Whatever you use…or don’t. 🙂

Please use a valid email address so that we can contact you in the event that you win. We won’t sign you up to a mailing list, and your address won’t be visible to anyone but us.


17 comments to Mug giveaway — Week 2!

  • Adam Colvin

    Glad to see His Place back on the air. Loved the original and the “reboot” is just as good. Now I just need to win the newest coffee mug to go with the previous two versions that I already have. You guys are doing a great job with the new show, and may God continue to bless your ministry!

  • Don

    OK, so I didn’t win last week. The month isn’t over, right? Glad to see the show every week. Now the kids are asking when “His Place” is one.



  • John Bard

    Glad His Place is back on air. I missed it. I use facebook

  • Tammy Aul

    HI!! I was so excited to see His Place was back! We really missed it. We were extras several times and really had a great time! We hope to come back as extras very soon! We loved the old show, but love the new one too!
    May God Bless this ministry.

    ps. I use facebook.

  • CW

    Lovin’ His Place! I mostly use Facebook for networking. God bless!

  • Justina

    Congratulations jean. First winner. That’s awesome. My son & I are really enjoying His Place. God Bless. See you on Facebook.

  • Mary Rhoads

    Thats great you won Jean… enjoy.. so ther us that still waiting for out turn for the mug… So good lucky all.. I get all information on face book,,thank you

  • Georgann McDuffey

    Hello And Blessings His Place !
    I watched His Place A Long Time Ago And Just Recently Our Lord Brought Up His Place In My Heart And Guided Me To Your His Place Site !HalleluYah !
    I was Thrilled to be able to watch Live Stream
    His Place-Your Place Again And His Place came in Clear.
    Thank You For Putting My Name in for a chance to win a His Place Coffee Mug.
    Blessings To Everyone And HalleluYah !
    Praising Our Lord For His Place.Thank YoU !

  • Thomas Hardie

    I am loving the fact that, “His Place” is back on the air and entertaining the masses while planting the seed of God’s love and life changing principles. Very cool stuff. Thanks for the chance to win a His Place mug. I prefer Facebook over all media types.

    God bless,

  • Jim

    Hello, all! I am watching over Internet. The characters change, and the furniture is updated, but the quality of the conversation remains the same. (I do rather miss the old theme music, though.) No Facebook, Twitter or such — just my e-mail account.

  • Maggi

    Would love to win a mug.

    So glad His Place is back. 🙂

  • A great program that is being returned to air time. Thanks, I enjoyed in the past.

  • Pleased to see His Place is back on ! In addition
    I have many online accounts however Facebook is my
    favorite,It’s a great means to reach out to so many
    people,just as one speaks to another in person to help
    one can help another online.

  • Peter W

    Alot of good memories came from HisPlace in the past. I’m enjoying HisPlace now that it’s back on the air.Blessings,
    Peter W

  • Levon

    I’m really enjoying watching His Place! i want to be on the show!!! <3 Great job guys, and may God continue to bless you and your ministry! I use facebook.

  • Tyler Thomas

    I really like facebook but i love the show more

  • Hey, love the new His Place mug!! Still have several of the old ones:-) Use Facebook to keep in touch with old friends and new friends.