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Mug giveaway!

We think the new His Place mugs are pretty sweet! They’re double-insulated ceramic with silicon lids — so they keep beverages piping hot or icy cold and are comfortable to hold.

We are going to give away one mug each week of November, no strings attached! Simply comment on this post and we’ll have select a winner. Tell us your favorite form of social media: twitter, Facebook, YouTube, our website. Whatever you use…or don’t. 🙂

Please use a valid email address so that we can contact you in the event that you win. We won’t sign you up to a mailing list, and your address won’t be visible to anyone but us.


14 comments to Mug giveaway!

  • Don

    I love the new mugs! So glad that the show is back on the air.

    I usually follow your updates on Facebook or Twitter, but occasionally come to the website when the show is on.

  • Dan B.

    Facebook. For now anyways. My mug has sat on on my office widow sill for about 10 years.

  • CW

    I love His Place! Would love a mug!

  • Mary Rhoads

    I love your show.. it was a pleasure to be on it before.. a life time memory,, I love your new mug place i love your show,,, i catch about every thing on face book.\

  • Brandon Gross

    gotta say I love the show, and the mugs rock!

  • I prefer facebook, but the his place website looks really cool. Love the show and the mugs.

  • Lisa

    My hubby is a BIG fan of the show and drove me crazy making our kids and I watch the teaser promo segments when they came on before the show started again. He even has gotten our daughter to dance to the intro music.

    He made a comment to me during the first show that he really likes the new mugs and I was going to find out how to get him one for either Christmas or his birthday which is this month.

    I actually found out about the mug giveaway because my hubby forwarded the link to this giveaway on his facebook page. I’m thinking that might have been a little “hint, hint” to me.

    Keep up the great work and PLEASE don’t get rid of the show again! I don’t think I could live through my hubby’s agony again! 😉

  • Justina

    I really enjoy this show. I even had my son watch last week’s episode on Halloween. They enjoyed it as well. I keep up with everything on Facebook. I regularly visit this site as well. The mugs are cool, and would go great with my coffee cup collection.

  • Stephen W.

    The new mugs look great. Great contest idea.

    I was a fan of the original run of His Place “The Diner Where People Come For Food For Thought”. The update is a welcome surprise. Is there any chance of you having a ‘nostalgia special’ for patrons who reserve a table and bring the classic His Place mugs? (After all, as you’ve been saying the new mugs carry more…) This would be a good tie-in for guests who were on the original run, and a continuation of a good plot device for Chef Marcus.

    • Stephen W.

      I think in the midst of typing that up, I dropped the ball and eliminated my social network of choice.I use most often, but have profiles on several others as well. I look forward to enjoying more episodes of His Place for a long time to come.

  • Jean

    I love that His Place is back on and follow on FaceBook!

  • Jim

    Welcome back, His Place! Loved it the first time around, and it looks just as good the second… even with the small screen on my computer. Godspeed!

  • Chrissy

    I really like your new mug! I discovered your show by accident and was happy to see you’re still on the air. Social network of choice – facebook