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His Place — Episode 157

Our guest is Johnny Carr, author of “Orphan Justice” and the national director for the Partnership of Churches with Bethany Christian Services. We have music from John Matarazzo. Gigi catches on quickly to her new job, and she and Ty discover they have more in common than they thought.

His Place — Episode 154

Tree of Hope founder Adrienne Lewis, who lost her son to gun violence. We have music from John Matarazzo. Gigi is shaken after she is stalked, and has a serious talk with Ty and Marcus.

His Place — Episode 153

A couple’s testimony in honor of Valentine’s day with Jay and Jolin Morris. Music from John Matarazzo. Gigi helps Ty and Marcus fill out online dating service surveys, hoping to find true love — or at least, like. Walter and Lottie lament the lost of romance and wonder about future generations.