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We’re back!

Submitted by
Robin Heiple
His Place Producer/Guest Coordinator

Even though it never seemed like we took a break (we met throughout the summer!), it is so great to be back in the saddle recording His Place shows for our fall 2012-2013 season. We are very excited about the characters and guests we have lined up. But even more than that, between you and I, it’s the team that really brings His Place together!

Sure, there is Tim, Marcus, Mr. Wiley, Dirk and the gang, but the ones you don’t see are just as important and loved. Rose Capanna and I work closely together to bring your favorite characters to life. Larry James, our director, has endless patience with us and always strives to bring you the best show he can. Whitney Cicco, our assistant director, keeps us on track and makes sure you know who is on the show with the graphics on the screen. Bob Taylor and Rick Uebelacker, our audio wizards, work together tonight to bring you the best of Sean Spicer. Laurie James, my floor manager (and matron of honor in my wedding!), works with me and John Matarazzo (our faithful HP volunteer!) to keep the show going. And my production crew: Alan and Nino Comanici, Mike Kitner and Jim Krisher (he taught me to run camera 23 years ago!) all working on camera to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.


We love to tease, love to talk to each other about our families…these guys and girls are my second family and I am so glad and so privileged to work with each one. God has been good to us and we continue to thank Him for using us to bring a show like His Place to YOU!

I hope you enjoy this season. I hope to write from time to time and let you in on some of the behind the scenes action.

See you tonight at 9:30pm!

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