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Book giveaway!

Comment on this post to be entered into a drawing for a book from author Ron Moore! Comments will close in 24 hours. Please note that we review all comments before they are included on the site. Thanks!

Comments are now closed. The winner will be announced on the show on Thursday, March 31. Be sure to watch!

10 comments to Book giveaway!

  • Sue

    Mr. Moore is fascinating! What he said really applied to troubles I’m having in life right now. I’m thinking his book is a must-read.

  • Shirley Martin

    I just happen onto his place and thought the book looked interesting.

  • Great Show Watch ch 41 Joplin, MO

  • Great show tonight, viewed on internet from Colorado Springs, CO. I look forward to seeing you in May in studio!


    • Robin

      We too are looking forward to your visit with us at HIS PLACE! Glad you were able to watch!
      HIS PLACE Producer

  • susan valli

    God has a plan and purpose for us. He gets our attention by any means that will work. Once God gets our attention, Ron Moore’s book, “Ignite”, can show us how to ignite a passion for Christ and break the chains the hold us captive to the freedom that is ours in Christ. I want that passion!

  • George Bellinger

    Wow, I’ve missed the last few shows I really need to catch up thank goodness there available on-line! 🙂

  • George Bellinger

    By the way when are you going to update us with some more Manski TV?

    • The His Place Creative Team

      Very soon, George. Please be sure to check the site often — we’re glad you are watching! Thanks. 🙂

  • Justina

    I am very interested in reading this book. God has ignited my heart in numerous ways and now I am watching Him do it in my family’s lives as well. God is Good!!!